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POST /injectable/import

Requires authentication with server access token.

Import tokens.

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POST /api/2/injectable/import





Example request

curl \
   -X POST \
   -d "oauth_token=[access token]" \
   -d "tokenName=injectable" \
   -d "content="
Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<>() {{
    put("tokenName", "injectable");,
    put("content", "");

SpidOAuthToken token = spidClient.getServerToken();
String responseJSON = spidClient.
    POST(token, "/injectable/import", params).

This example is an excerpt, see a full example

$params = array(
    "tokenName" => "injectable",
    "content" => ""

echo var_dump($client->api("/injectable/import", "POST", $params));

This example is an excerpt, see a full example

(ns example
  (:require [spid-client-clojure.core :as spid]))

(let [client (spid/create-client "[client-id]" "[secret]")
      token (spid/create-server-token client)]
  (spid/POST client token "/injectable/import" {"tokenName" "injectable"
                                                "content" ""}))


This endpoint supports the JSON and JSON-P response formats.

Success: 200 OK

Failure cases

Some HTTP response codes are used for multiple error situations. There is no consistent way to tell these apart, but the error object will contain a textual explanation of the reason for the error. For explanation on OAuth related failures and errors see OAuth authentication failures.

  • 401 Unauthorized You don't have administration rights for this client.
  • 401 Unauthorized Your client doesn't have administration rights for this client.
  • 403 Forbidden Client is not authorized to access this API endpoint. Contact SPiD to request access.
  • 403 Forbidden Requesting IP is not whitelisted
  • 403 Forbidden Access token rejected
  • 404 Not Found Unknown client ID
  • 404 Not Found Client ID mismatch. The client making the request is no the owner of this resource, and does not have administrative privileges for it.
  • 420 Request Ratelimit exceeded


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