Mixpanel analytics

SPiD use Mixpanel to analyze and display reports about users events. An event is an action the user do, for example to log in. We can store extra information about that event by adding properties, for example age and gender.

In order to offer seamless Mixpanel tracking across multiple services and SPiD, the SPiD user must be identified as soon as possible. To do this, the JS SDK should be loaded and initialized prior to any event tracking. If no SPiD user is found (the user is not logged in), the SDK will return a unique visitor ID that can be used to track events. This visitor ID must be used with every event tracked by the client service through Mixpanel. As soon as the user logs in (or registers), SPiD will connect the visitor ID with the actual user. When tracking events on the client's behalf, SPiD will use the same ID.

User identification sequence diagram

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