Android SDK

The Android SDK simplifies connecting to SPiD and comes in two variants. The core part of the SDK contains the login engine and APIs needed to connect to SPiD. You can use this to do your custom UI implementation. While the networking APIs are exposed, you use these at your own peril as no support will be given to this.

The recommended way to use these SDKs is to implement the UI module. This is highly customizable and will give you complete UIs out of the box. To learn more about the SDKs, please refer to the docs at

For support, please contact

Getting started

To get started with either SDK, you'll need to request access to SPiD before you can start using them. This process is documented on the SPiD Techdocs site. Once you have access and have created your client so that you have access to your client ID and secret, you should head over to read up on the documentation.

Native mobile development

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