Subscribing to the authentication events fired by the JS SDK means your application will be notified if the user's session state changes. This is important because the session state may change due to user interactions beyond your application's control. The only way your application can be notified of these changes is through subscribing to these events.

Using SPiD.event.subscribe("event name", callback) attaches an event handler that will be invoked when the event fires. When an event is fired all subscribers to the event will be notified and given the response object.

The example repository contains a fully working example. Open index.html in your browser, and it will reveal your own login status, and allow you to log in/out. The JavaScript powering this example looks like the following.

SPiD.event.subscribe("SPiD.login", function (data) { console.log("SPiD.login", data); });
SPiD.event.subscribe("SPiD.logout", function (data) { console.log("SPiD.logout", data); });

SPiD.event.subscribe("SPiD.sessionChange", function (data) {
    console.log("SPiD.sessionChange", data);
    var output = document.getElementById("spid");

    if (!data.session) {
        output.innerHTML = "Welcome. Please <a href=\"" + SPiD_Uri.login() + "\">log in</a>";
    } else {
        output.innerHTML = "Welcome <a href=\"" + SPiD_Uri.account() + "\">" +
            data.session.displayName + "</a>" +
            " <a href=\"" + SPiD_Uri.logout() + "\">Log out</a>";
var config = {
    client_id: "52f8e3d9efd04bb749000000",
    server: "",
    useSessionCluster: false

The useSessionCluster property should be set to true (or omitted) when running against the production server.

Available SDK events:

Name Fired when ...
SPiD.notLoggedin There is no session on page load, user is not logged in
SPiD.statusChange Page loads, status changes from unknown to Connected or notConnected
  • The user logs in somewhere else
  • Page loads, user is already logged in
SPiD.logout User logs out (either by you or another site (SPiD, other client).
SPiD.userChange User in session has changed to another user
SPiD.sessionInit Session is successfully initiated for the first time, on page load
SPiD.sessionChange Always. This is a wrapping event, which is fired as a result of all other events that changes the session.
SPiD.visitor SPiD identifies the current visitor. Yields a unique visitor id that can be used to track the user even when not logged in. Used in analytics (Mixpanel) tracking, etc
SPiD.error An error occurred. Like communication timeouts, invalid responses or abuse (too many requests in a short time period).

Depending on the user's actions, multiple events may be fired.

Page loads, user logged in

  • SPiD.login
  • SPiD.statusChange
  • SPiD.sessionInit
  • SPiD.sessionChange

Page loads, user not logged in

  • SPiD.notLoggedin
  • SPiD.sessionChange

Polling, and there is no change

  • SPiD.sessionChange

The change in session are the fields clientTime and serverTime for synchronization between client and server.

User logs out

  • SPiD.logout
  • SPiD.statusChange
  • SPiD.sessionChange

User logs out, and logs in with another user account

  • SPiD.logout
  • SPiD.userChange
  • SPiD.login
  • SPiD.sessionChange

Response Object

The response object is different, whether user is logged in or not.

Response, when logged in

    session: {
        baseDomain: ""
        defaultAgreementAccepted: true
        clientAgreementAccepted: true
        clientTime: 1360329602301
        displayName: "Anna Andersson"
        expiresIn: 7138
        familyName: "Andersson"
        gender: "undisclosed"
        givenName: "Anna"
        id: "50604a7ddcb114ed0e000004"
        photo: ""
        result: true
        serverTime: 1360329601
        userId: 270177
        userStatus: "connected"
        sig: "9toJgvXfPgk-5W2162sD8ueHzZ8Ya1ibBWvELv-I-lk.eyJyZXN1bHQiOnRydWUsInNlcnZlclRpbWUiOjEzNjAzMjk2MDEsInVzZXJTdGF0dXMiOiJjb25uZWN0ZWQiLCJ1c2VySWQiOjI3MDE3NywiaWQiOiI1MDYwNGE3ZGRjYjExNGVkMGUwMDAwMDQiLCJkaXNwbGF5TmFtZSI6IkpvYWtpbSBXYW5nZ3JlbiIsImdpdmVuTmFtZSI6IkpvYWtpbSIsImZhbWlseU5hbWUiOiJXYW5nZ3JlbiIsImdlbmRlciI6InVuZGlzY2xvc2VkIiwicGhvdG8iOiJodHRwczpcL1wvc2VjdXJlLmdyYXZhdGFyLmNvbVwvYXZhdGFyXC9lYzMyOTM3YzIyZDFhNGIxNDc0NjU3Yjc3NmQwZjM5OD9zPTIwMCIsImV4cGlyZXNJbiI6NzEzOCwiYmFzZURvbWFpbiI6InNkay5kZXYiLCJhbGdvcml0aG0iOiJITUFDLVNIQTI1NiJ9"
    status: "connected"

Response, when not logged in

    session: null,
    status: "unknown"


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